3PL Managed Services for a Major Multi-Brand Retailer

Project Type: 3PL Managed Services Client’s needs: A major multi brand retailer with freight engaged TMX to lead a freight procurement process that identified significant benefits. What went wrong from there demonstrates a clear need to ensure benefits are captured and ongoing services are managed effectively. The TMX difference Attain benefits from procurement process across […]

Global Energy Management Specialist, Contract Compliance System

Project Type: Contract Compliance System The client’s needs: The client is a leading multinational specialist in electricity distribution and produces installation components for energy management.  The client had no automated solution for auditing and checking all invoices. The only way to ensure compliance was for the client to allocate manual resources to check invoices against […]

3PL Performance Audit & Management for a Leading Supermarket Chain

Project Type: Primary Freight Fuel & Contract Review The client’s needs:   The client’s, a leading Australian supermarket chain, current fuel, cost components and contractual arrangements had evolved over time to be inconsistent, and not reflect the current best practices. It created a significant administrative task to monitor and calculate fuel surcharges and rates every […]

Implementation Support for a National Less than Truckload Carrier

Project Type: Company-wide Performance Review Client needs: The client is a leading national Less than Truckload (LTL) specialist in Australia. TMX led a business review to identify tactical and strategic opportunities for improvement covering costs, revenue, service, technology and organizational design. Following a period of growth the client was faced with operational challenges and revenue […]

Online Direct to Customer Strategy for CPG Manufacturer

Project Type: Online Direct to Customer Strategy Client needs: The client is a leading consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) manufacturer who traditionally distributes products through major retail chains. TMX supported the client with a strategic review, providing cost-to-serve insights of a household delivery model. The TMX difference TMX conducted a direct-to-consumer delivery model assessment using household order level […]

Transport Management System for Building Products Company

Project Type: Transport Management System The client’s needs: The client is a leading building products business with iconic Australian brands. Following a supply chain strategy that TMX led, it was identified that a new transport software ecosystem is a key enabler to unlocking group-wide benefits.  The client has no group-wide system to support transport planning […]

Freight & Warehouse RFP for a Leading Agricultural Business

The client’s needs: The client is Australia and New Zealand’s largest refiner and supplier of edible fats and oils to the food manufacturing, wholesale, bakery and food service sectors. An operational partnership between our client and another company (its largest customer), existed under which all freight and warehouse activity was operated in a joint manner. […]

International Logistics RFP for a Leading Rice Food Company

Project Type: Freight forwarding & Customs Clearance RFP The client’s needs: The client is a leading Australian rice food company, growing and marketing food products under recognisable labels. TMX supported the Client with a Freight Forwarding & Customs Clearance RFP for two of their largest business units.  The TMX difference TMX supported the Client by […]

Supply chain digitisation: A shift from driving efficiency to building resilience

If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has taught us it is that digitisation is a lifeline that supports supply chains to weather blips as well as prolonged periods of crisis. In fact, more than 80% of business leaders in Southeast Asia plan to adopt more forms of digitisation in supply chains to build resiliency for […]

Leading Australian Beverage Company Route Optimisation

Project Type: Route Optimisation Location: Australia Client’s needs The client had minimal visibility and influence, as legacy Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) held much of the transport intellectual property. With upcoming changes to customer service offerings, the Client required subject matter expertise and a best practice routing system to draw insights, helping to inform a new […]