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TMX Global awarded Great Place to Work accolade across APAC
TMX Global awarded Great Place to Work accolade across APAC
26 Apr 2022| News |
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TMX Global, Asia-Pacific’s leading business transformation consultancy, is delighted to announce it has been awarded the Great Place to Work certification in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam.

Great Place to Work is an evaluation which uses rigorous methodologies to assess workplace ‘greatness’, adding the scores of six categories (financial growth, trust within the organisation, ability to maximise human potential, values, leadership effectiveness and innovation by all) to determine a score and ranking.

Employees provide scores across a range of topics, including the degree to which they are recognised by management for good work and extra effort, if they’re treated like a full team member regardless of position, their ability to take time off when they deem it necessary and whether they’re supported to do their job with resources and equipment.

Globally 96% of employees said TMX Global is a great place to work, above localised benchmarks. Two special categories also received 100% scores from employees, a testament to the TMX values, which include ‘people first’ and ‘accountable for outcomes’.

In Vietnam, 100% of TMX employees said it’s a great place to work, which is 47% higher than the national average. The Singapore team also scored highly, deeming TMX a great place to work with a 100% score. In every other category, TMX scored at least 90% and often 100%, demonstrating how its winning culture spans multiple markets.

“We’re delighted to have been awarded this globally recognised accolade across our operations in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and Singapore. In today’s world, employees have more choice than ever before about where they work. As the world’s best companies compete for top talent, people and company culture have become the nucleus of productivity across every sector, regardless of industry, team size and market. This recognition demonstrates to us that we are on the right path and have created a positive workplace culture that helps deliver outstanding results for our clients across the Asia Pacific region,” Travis Erridge, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at TMX Global said.

In addition to the Great Place to Work certification, TMX has recently been recognised by the Telstra Business Awards as well as the Supply Chain and Logistics of Australia Awards.

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