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Fukuda and Partners and TMX partnering to strengthen supply chains across Asia-Pacific
Fukuda and Partners and TMX partnering to strengthen supply chains across Asia-Pacific
27 May 2021| News |
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Fukuda and Partners and TMX partnering to strengthen supply chains across Asia-Pacific

Leading Japanese construction and real estate firm Fukuda and Partners and Asia-Pacific business transformation consultancy TMX today announce a new strategic partnership agreement.

With the recent rapid change and challenges global supply chains have faced, Fukuda and Partners and TMX have signed a partnership to empower businesses across the Asia-Pacific region as they undergo their supply chain transformations.

This partnership will strengthen the capabilities of the complementary businesses and enable a fully integrated supply chain, property and construction service with on-the-ground experts across the region to better serve clients.

Fukuda and Partners’ clients in Japan will benefit from TMX’s leading supply chain expertise, with the team at TMX having designed and delivered some of the most advanced and automated supply chain transformations across the region. Fukuda and Partners’ clients looking to expand outside of Japan will also be supported by TMX’s presence in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

TMX’s clients will be supported with Fukuda and Partners’ experts in Japan to provide essential local knowledge of the property market and construction standards.

Mr. Fukuda, President and CEO of Fukuda and Partners says, “We have had positive feedback from our client, one of the biggest retailers in Japan, on the results of our professional services with TMX building their supply chain network in Australia. TMX and Fukuda are both very focused on logistics related construction and real estate services, so we believe that we can create constructive collaboration for mutual benefit.”     

“As a result of this partnership, we are certain that TMX and Fukuda can better satisfy our clients by providing our integrated professional service, including TMX’s supply chain management expertise, to each client in Asia’s value chain.”    

“Logistics is the lifeline connecting people in daily life, so we believe that the outcome of this partnership will contribute to building sustainable development in our society,” Mr Fukuda adds.

Travis Erridge, Chief Executive Officer of TMX says, “We previously worked with Fukuda and Partners on a supply chain network in Australia for a major Japanese fashion retailer. Together we brought local expertise and understanding to various parts of the project and created a seamless process for the client. We want to continue this cross-region localised service for our shared clients across Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.”

“Our two firms are complementary in services and company values. We are both committed to providing the best outcomes for our clients and trusted to deliver an integrated world class solution. This will be further strengthened through this partnership,” he adds.


About Fukuda and Partners

Fukuda and Partners has been enhancing the value of its clients by providing integrated professional services of construction and real estate, including the site selection, due diligence, basic plan, design work, selection of contractor, project management, leasing services and property management focusing on logistics warehouse and retail facilities mainly in Japan, and Fukuda and Partners has been developing with 19 years consecutive growth of revenue and profit since establishment in 2002.

The strength of Fukuda and Partners is extensive experiences and results of its architecture and project management services for logistics warehouse (accumulated floor area; 196.4mil sqft) and others  (accumulated floor area; 24.9 mil sqft) in last 19 years with over 200 professionals for design, M&E, structure, construction management real estate and so on.

Over 600 clients of Fukuda and Partners are quite diversified by real estate developers, logistics company, distributor, manufacturer and retailers including e-commerce business.  

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