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Demand for temperature-controlled facilities heats up
Demand for temperature-controlled facilities heats up
3 Dec 2021| News |
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By: Caleb Nicolson

The development of temperature-controlled facilities is on the rise in New Zealand as the pressure on national capacity increases and businesses look to future-proof their operations and protect against supply chain disruption. A key aspect in future proofing is to give robust consideration to automation, our clients are increasing finding the barriers to accessibility reducing. Given the complexity of developing cold and chilled storage and networks, ensuring that you seek the right advice is critical.  

At TMX, we leverage our extensive international experience, industry knowledge and insight from our teams across Asia-Pacific to develop world class temperature-controlled facilities. Our team in Australia has recently delivered a number of complex projects for well-known names such as PFD Foodservices, Fernhurst, Hilton Foods and Ingham’s.   

TMX also recently worked with meat processing company Teys to manage the design and construction of a high bay automated freezer and chiller distribution centre in Queensland, a complex project on a challenging site. The food-grade facility included multiple temperature zones across both a high-bay automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) and a multi-shuttle system. Change management was a key focus of the project, with our team delivering comprehensive training in order to prepare Teys for the significant transition to the new processes and systems required for the commissioning of a new distribution centre. Stuart Cox, our head of project services in New Zealand worked on the Teys site in Brisbane before TMX NZ providing in market experience.  

The Australian team have also been working with major temperature-controlled logistics operator Fernhurst, managing the procurement and management of a 7,070-square-metre facility on a 16,185-square-metre site area. The facility will feature freezer, chiller and blast freezing zones for various product types. These energy intensive operations will be offset with a significant 440-kilowatt solar installation that will span almost the entire roof of the facility.  TMX has extensive experience incorporating environmental initiatives into large scale builds, a trend which is likely to grow in coming years.  

The importance of temperature-controlled facilities has also been highlighted by the global COVID-19 vaccination push, where ensuring temperature control in transportation and storage is critical. TMX Australia has extensive experience in working with the pharmaceutical industry to develop these facilities. Our team recently worked with the Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API) to assist with a build of a large-scale temperature-controlled facility. Having worked with API to secure a 43, 850 sqm site (which will house an immense 32,506sqm facility) for a new distribution centre, they are now project managing the build which will incorporate a leading-edge automation system and smart warehouse design. 

Our work with API, Teys and Fernhurst is a prime example of TMX’s focus on offering end to end solutions. We work closely with our clients to garner a deep understanding of their requirements, internal and external challenges and their business objectives both now and in the future.  We are constantly learning from our Australian team who are leading the sector on the adoption of a raft of new practices in cool storage. We utilise this knowledge and expertise, adapting it for the New Zealand market. In the past 12 months we’ve taken on a number of clients across a variety of sectors, including Coolpak Coolstores. . We undertook a comprehensive review of Coolpak’s operations, assessed the feasibility of various potential automation solutions and are currently project managing the delivery and construction of the expansion of their temperature-controlled facility in Christchurch. The expansion of the site will enable Coolpak to meet the growing demand of their customers, and incorporation of automation has led to operational efficiencies.  

While we leverage our Australia teams experience, in New Zealand our local team has a strong understanding of the local temperature-controlled market. A recent addition to the team, Mark Rummins, brings extensive knowledge of the industry with experience in temperature-controlled operations and transportation of pharmaceuticals and food products.   

Many businesses, especially those in the food and grocery sector, have learnt about the importance of future proofing their operations this year. Ensuring distribution centres and cool storage facilities can accommodate demand is vital to business success.  

If you are looking to expand or develop your organisations’ temperature-controlled facilities and or seeking to understand automation options, get in touch, we are always happy to chat.  


Caleb Nicolson
Caleb has over 20 years of experience in supply chain and retail. He was part of the Executive Team at the largest outdoor apparel and equipment retailer in Australasia for 12 years.
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