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China’s energy crisis impacting Singapore’s supply chains
China’s energy crisis impacting Singapore’s supply chains
11 Oct 2021| News |
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By: James Christopher

Our President of Asia James Christopher was in the Strait Times at the weekend commenting on the impacts of China’s electricity shortage on Singapore’s supply chain. 

China is currently experiencing skyrocketing coal and natural gas prices and energy consumption curbs to meet sustainability goals, at a time of global supply chain disruptions and extensive lead times. 

James said in the Strait Times that “production disruptions will further compound delivery delays caused by existing maritime bottlenecks. This could lead to temporary shortages of goods and higher prices. 

Electronics will be the most affected by these disruptions. Already, producers of popular gadgets such as Apple’s iPhone are in talks with the Chinese government on energy-saving alternatives to maintain their production line.” 

You can read the full article here with a subscription to The Strait Times.


James Christopher, President - Asia, TMX
James Christopher
James Christopher is the President of TMX in Asia. He has over 18 years of construction and property experience in the supply chain sector, having successfully delivered complex, automated and high bay facilities across APAC. 
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