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Can Supply Chain still deliver your strategy?
Can Supply Chain still deliver your strategy?
20 Jun 2022| News |
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In this month’s edition of Transport Talk, our New Zealand General Manager Caleb Nicolson, outlines the critical importance of alignment between your business strategy and supply chain network.  

As Caleb notes in the story, the demand for e-commerce, covid-19 disruption and geopolitical events have caused huge disruption across supply chains, with many businesses not having a chance to stop, take stock and review their supply chain networks.  

As a result of this perfect storm of disruption, every supply chain network (SCN) in the entire APAC region will need to adapt, alter and transform in order to survive.  

Assessing whether you supply chain network is aligned can be made easier with the help of an external provider, who’ll help you assess a range of questions related to your current network structure. These range from what is your current network structure and performance and how does this align to your business objective- to the other end of the spectrum- how compelling is the business case for network transformation, what investment is require and what options exist to fund the transformation?

As Caleb notes, failing to act is no longer an option. The business environment has changed dramatically and full-scale transformation is the only way forward. 

TMX has extensive experience in driving this process for our clients and are the chosen supply chain network partner for many well-known names in New Zealand.  We partner with a variety of organisations to support them with their SCN designs. Obviously, the results vary, but generally we have been able to help businesses reduce annual costs by between 10% – 20% over the past few years.

Read the full story here on Page 23. 

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