Implementation Support for a National Less than Truckload Carrier

Project Type: Company-wide Performance Review Client needs: The client is a leading national Less than Truckload (LTL) specialist in Australia. TMX led a business review to identify tactical and strategic opportunities for improvement covering costs, revenue, service, technology and organizational design. Following a period of growth the client was faced with operational challenges and revenue […]

Supply chain digitisation: A shift from driving efficiency to building resilience

If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has taught us it is that digitisation is a lifeline that supports supply chains to weather blips as well as prolonged periods of crisis. In fact, more than 80% of business leaders in Southeast Asia plan to adopt more forms of digitisation in supply chains to build resiliency for […]

New Zealand Post Network Strategic Review

Project Type: Network Strategic Review Location: New Zealand NZ Post’s needs: Due to the growth of ecommerce, parcel and packet volumes are experiencing significant pressure and expected to continue to grow strongly into the future. NZ Post’s sortation capacity was already under considerable pressure, breaching available capacity during peak times. Sortation of mail & packets […]

Hunter Express Existing Building Lease

Size: 9,955 sqm Project Type: Existing Building Lease Location: NSW Project Value: $25 Million Hunter Express’ needs: Hunter Express did not have sufficient time to source a purpose-built solution, although, their business had specific needs and had to integrate an advanced automation system. A facility that could adapt to the increasing demands (delivery times, etc.) […]

The impact of ethical sourcing on supply chains

What are the ethical issues with some of our supply chains? It is easy to live our busy lives and take for granted all the products at our disposal every day without ever considering where they come from, how they were made and under what conditions. So, let’s look at a few examples that should […]

Reconnecting two crucial components of supply chains – manufacturing and distribution

Our reliance on imports and the disconnect between manufacturing and distribution operations in Australia were exposed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. We either couldn’t get products on our shores or locally manufactured products were flying off the shelves because distribution operations couldn’t keep up with significant demand spikes. This has highlighted the need […]

Vietnam’s Logistics Future

Optimising Freight and Logistics in Vietnam Organisations in Vietnam face increased challenges across freight and logistics operations. With GDP growing at greater than 6% annually, the global trend of moving manufacturing and operations to Vietnam (as organisations look to diversify production and mitigate risks etc.) and the rise of localised consumption there is an increasing […]

What is a lease renewal service?

What is a lease renewal service? And do i need one? Your questions answered. For many businesses, lease renewal can be a stressful and confusing time. For others, it may be an afterthought or something they manage “off the side of the desk” while simultaneously trying to manage their core business. The fact is that […]

Five ways to reduce real estate cost exposure

Revenue and costs are critical in establishing the profitability of any business. For many businesses, commercial real estate is a key driver of cost. TMX has seen firsthand the importance of minimising cost exposure in real estate and it specialises in helping businesses manage this cost. So what is cost exposure in commercial real estate? […]