Organisational transformation is more than robotics and automation. It is the people.

Organisational transformation is more than robotics and automation. It is the people. In an era where globalisation is driving supply chain transformations and shifts to ecommerce, you are forgiven for thinking sustainable business models are underpinned by innovative technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence and automation. But organisational transformation does not solely lie in the efficiency […]

The strategy of success

The digital age has transformed the way customers shop and share their experiences. High performing organisations are investing in innovation to digitally transform customer experiences for driving business growth and loyalty. Many but not all companies understand that the path to purchase is not linear. Very few customers land on the homepage, click onto the […]

The impact of ethical sourcing on supply chains

What are the ethical issues with some of our supply chains? It is easy to live our busy lives and take for granted all the products at our disposal every day without ever considering where they come from, how they were made and under what conditions. So, let’s look at a few examples that should […]

Reconnecting two crucial components of supply chains – manufacturing and distribution

Our reliance on imports and the disconnect between manufacturing and distribution operations in Australia were exposed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. We either couldn’t get products on our shores or locally manufactured products were flying off the shelves because distribution operations couldn’t keep up with significant demand spikes. This has highlighted the need […]

Vietnam’s Logistics Future

Optimising Freight and Logistics in Vietnam Organisations in Vietnam face increased challenges across freight and logistics operations. With GDP growing at greater than 6% annually, the global trend of moving manufacturing and operations to Vietnam (as organisations look to diversify production and mitigate risks etc.) and the rise of localised consumption there is an increasing […]

Robots help yellow tail wines conquer China

It’s a long way from the NSW Riverina in Australia to Shenzhen in china, but that’s the journey the iconic Aussie export success yellow tail wine is taking to join the logistics revolution that is autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). We are currently a few days into a 2 week TMX study tour of China online […]

Chinese robotics to add real value to Australian logistics operations

As part of the TMX study tour of china online operations, the tour group met with leading chinese robotics equipment manufacturers. During the study tour TMX presented a seminar paper to these leading Chinese robotics companies detailing the Australian user market sectors, equipment requirements, current competitors, market forecasts and where China can play to win […]

The secret world of robotic warehouse automation

You might imagine that china is one place where the availability of labour is a big factor in slowing the automation of warehousing. However, like in many western countries, true labour availability for warehousing is alarmingly low as workers prefer to take attractive tech and office jobs and avoid jobs that follow the 4 Ds; […]

What is a lease renewal service?

What is a lease renewal service? And do i need one? Your questions answered. For many businesses, lease renewal can be a stressful and confusing time. For others, it may be an afterthought or something they manage “off the side of the desk” while simultaneously trying to manage their core business. The fact is that […]

Five ways to reduce real estate cost exposure

Revenue and costs are critical in establishing the profitability of any business. For many businesses, commercial real estate is a key driver of cost. TMX has seen firsthand the importance of minimising cost exposure in real estate and it specialises in helping businesses manage this cost. So what is cost exposure in commercial real estate? […]