SingPost’s future ecommerce demands
Project Type:
Supply Chain
Singapore Post' needs:
  • SingPost has been facing a sharp decline in letter volume and with ecommerce growing, it has been seeing a huge increase in its Packet and Parcel volume.
  • This can cause processing capacity issues and there was a need to look into a solution that can accommodate forecast volume growth and reduce fixed costs.
The TMX difference
  • TMX reviewed the current processes at SingPost to identify tactical and strategic opportunities and proposed an alternative network to support SingPost’s growth in ecommerce demands.
  • From this, TMX recommended an overall strategy on processing facilities for letters, flats, packets, and parcels.
  • We identified a suitable processing technology, with included automated solutions such as autonomous mobile robotics (AMRs), to significantly lower labour cost. We also designed a future network with a flexible, scalable sorting solution that seeks to maximise labour and footprint efficiency.
  • As part of the strategy, we also identified consolidation opportunities in downstream delivery branches by leveraging automation upstream.

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