Global Energy Management Specialist, Contract Compliance System
Project Type:
Contract Compliance System
The client's needs:
  • The client is a leading multinational specialist in electricity distribution and produces installation components for energy management. 
  • The client had no automated solution for auditing and checking all invoices. The only way to ensure compliance was for the client to allocate manual resources to check invoices against the agreed contract terms manually, this was rarely undertaken due to the lack of available resource capacity.
The TMX difference
  • TMX led the implementation of the client’s Contract Compliance System (CCS) to ensure full compliance of outsourced expenditure by automatically checking invoices at a line item level against agreed contract terms to identify overcharges prior or post payment. This streamlined invoice auditing and provided a layer of financial control for the client. TMX identified additional optimisation and process improvement opportunities across all vendors/services. 

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