Gerard Lighting Property Portfolio
Project Type:
Property Portfolio
Gerard Lighting's needs:
  • Gerard Lighting (a spin-off from the Clipsal business) had a large portfolio of leased warehouse accommodation that was duplicated in many locations across Australia. 
  • An inventory consolidation and rationalisation exercise brought about the opportunity to reduce real estate footprint and bring down costs across their supply chain network.
The TMX difference
  • TMX prepared a phased property response plan in line with the targeted closure and relocation dates at various locations including QLD, WA, SA and NSW. The property response plan described the actions required i.e. negotiated surrender, sublease or assignment and the negotiation of makegood obligations. TMX then implemented the plan on behalf of Gerard Lighting.
  • Gerard Lighting now has a “fit-for-purpose” property portfolio that will ensure its long-term growth forecasts are achievable without excess footprint and unnecessary costs.

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