Coca Cola Bottlers Japan supply chain
Project Type:
Supply Chain Strategy
The client's needs:
  • CCBJI had a complex, large-scale, legacy supply chain with about 200 stockholding locations in Tokyo alone.
  • This was exacerbated by external factors including a significant labour shortage in the logistics industry due to an ageing population, a complex and inefficient supply chain network, and more fragmented customer order profiles.
  • Innovative solutions were required to mitigate these issues in a region where industrial property is scarce and global MHS vendors are under-represented.
The TMX difference
  • TMX applied our proven 3-step network strategy methodology to eventually design a simpler, safer, and lower cost network.
  • As part of this, TMX designed five new automated DCs for CCBJI across Japan, including in Saitama, which went live in February 2021.
  • Each of these DCs will comprise about 65,000 pallet locations in a 30m high ASRS solution and automated case picks running at about 56,000,000 cases per annum.
  • In particular, the Saitama DC has 21 automated robots for pallet building, and 21 aisles with shuttles for picking. There are also automated depalletize stations in the DC, and an automated storage and retrieval system with 45,000 pallet locations.
  • With these automated solutions, which are also scalable and agile, CCBJI is expected to achieve more than 10 per cent opex savings annually while also addressing the forecasted labour shortage challenge in Japan.

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